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I’ve never met cr1tikal but I trust him.

I feel if I was in any horror situation I would be so safe and calm because with any other person they would be screaming and crying but if he and I were trapped in a building surrounded by ravenous mutants he would just be deadpan like “they are so rude I can’t believe this. Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.”


so today was the first day of school and it was awful literally the worst first day of school ever. I had forgotten how horrifying school was, I’m pretty sure it was not that scary last year. I may actually drop out of honors orchestra because that was SO SCARY IT WAS SO SO SOS OSOSOSOSO SCARY. I don’t think I could handle that everyday oh my. I was so excited for sociology but its a class of 30 in this little tiny room and they are all really loud and annoying and scary, so I won’t be able to debate with them and I was really looking forward to debating tbh. My AP human geography class is probably going to be really boring, the teacher s cute but the I can tell the class will put me to sleep at least once this year probably. Drawing is REALLY SCARY OH MY GOD. My teacher intimidates the heck out of me and there is a really pretty, really talented, really tall, really smart, really funny, really creative girl in that class that I have been wanting to be friends with for 19 years who also intimidates the frickin heck out of me. Robert hardly even acknowledged me today which actually really hurt my feelings like I haven’t seen you since June and you are my boyfriend and you didn’t even try to seek me out and when I found you, you spoke like 17 words to me about some drawing and then you didn’t hug me or try to hold my hand or anything at all and what the heck I’m so offended tbh. BUT ORCHESTRA I AM ACTUALLY DREADING IT LIKE ME DREADING ORCHESTRA BECAUSE ITS SO SCARY I AM SO SCARED HOLD ME

So proud of you honey, you can do it


  • Sasheena FilthHawk
  • tumblr gays: i just want someone to fuck me raw
  • tumblr gays: i wanna suck a thousand dicks
  • tumblr gays: hmu daddies
  • anon: id fuck you
  • tumblr gays: go to church *disgusted reaction gif*


bow down to a mothafuckin QUEEN when you see one

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*Nonchalantly covers chin zit*


*Nonchalantly covers chin zit*